Typical application of water-based insulating paint


Typical application of water-based insulating paint

Alkyd resin waterborne insulating paint. It is the most widely used kind of insulating paint. Because alkyd is not high in heat resistance and breakdown voltage resistance, but alkyd is cheap and easily available, it is mainly used in the insulation treatment of small and medium-sized low-voltage motors and electrical appliances.

Waterborne epoxy insulating paint. Epoxy resin paint has excellent mechanical strength, electrical properties, chemical resistance, moisture resistance, small shrinkage, good adhesion and compatibility with other materials, but its price is high. This kind of insulating paint not only has good performance, but also is safe and environment-friendly, and its comprehensive cost is low. Its comprehensive performance can meet the requirements of F-class insulating paint, and it fits well with the insulation performance requirements of small and medium-sized motors.

Water-borne polyimide insulating paint. A high-performance polymer with excellent thermal stability, outstanding mechanical properties and good electrical properties. It has been applied in the electromagnetic wire production line in China and entered the stage of motor manufacturing practice verification.

Waterborne polyester insulating paint. The synthesis method of this kind of paint water-based polyester is basically similar to that of water-based alkyd resin, but due to the introduction of more heat-resistant materials, the electrical insulation of this kind of paint is also better than that of water-based alkyd resin, and it can be used as the current F-class and above water-based insulating paint.

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