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Mercaptan Based Hardeners

As a leading supplier of polymercaptans and mercaptan based hardeners in mainland China, Guangzhou green & Guangzhou Faith has been focused on rapid cure mercaptan based hardeners for over 10 years. Through years of focused experience in the field of polymercaptans and relentless effort in product improvement, we have established ourselves as a pioneer in China market and industry standards setter for polymercaptan hardeners. The company has been consolidating its position as a technological leader in China market for rapid cure solutions. Our company’s capability to offer customized solution has enabled it to continuously expand its line of products and services to the industrial adhesives, consumer adhesives, water-borne electrical insulation paint and various other sectors. 

Mercaptan based hardeners offer a unique advantage of rapid cure with Bisphenol A epoxy resins for both at ambient and low temperatures, and even in thin film. Our polymercaptans are formulated to provide a wide selection of gel times ranging from 40 seconds to 60 minutes. As a pioneer supplier of mercaptans & mercaptan based hardeners in mainland China, we have more than half of the whole market share in rapid cure epoxy hardeners sector in China and approx. 80% of market share in silicon slices cutting glue for photovoltaic industries. 

Liquid mercaptan based hardener was first known for its rapid cure and low temperature cure proprieties in epoxy resin systems. Through years of continuous product & process improvement, our polymercaptan series are refined with reduced odor, excellent color, low toxicity and better adhesion to various different substrates. 
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Green is an established Mercaptan Based Hardeners manufacturer & supplier in China. As a high quality Mercaptan Based Hardeners supplier, we prefer wholesale and we do understand that in the early stage most customers will only need small qty for testing and evaluation, following successful trial & testing, they will gradually scale up order volumes. In light of this, our offer may vary depend on different order qty. More importantly, we not only provide premium mercaptan based hardeners with competitive pricing, but also provide free samples. Furthermore, we are happy to customize package if order qty is large enough. Currently, standard packaging for our mercaptan based hardeners are 25kg net or 220kg net per steel drum. Welcome friends and customers from home and abroad to visit our factory and sincerely hope to cooperate with your esteemed company.