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Founded in 2011 by a group of Guangzhou Green technocrats, Guangzhou Faith has established itself as a leading manufacturer of high-quality mercaptans and epoxy-based water-borne insulation paint in mainland China. 

In addition to its core product lines, Guangzhou Faith is a trusted supplier of high-performance Aramid fiber materials, widely used in aerospace, automotive, military, and construction. By providing reliable and high-quality materials that meet the demands of a constantly evolving market, Guangzhou Faith has become a valuable partner for businesses.

Guangzhou Green & Guangzhou Faith has been consolidating its position as a technological leader in China market for rapid cure solutions. To ensure consistent high-quality mass production & convenient warehouse, our factory spreads over a production base of 10,000 square meters, equipped with a standard warehouse of 5,000 square meters and fully automated production lines & equipment.

Guangzhou Green & Guangzhou Faith also owns and operates marketing centers in different parts of China.Supported by a well-equipped development center to respond to needs of our customers, Guangzhou Green & Guangzhou Faith is happy to step ahead in developing and supplying customized rapid cure systems and water-borne epoxy insulation paint for industrial applications as well as for some consumer applications.

The company’s capability to offer customized solution has enabled it to continuously expand its line of products and services to the industrial adhesives, consumer adhesives, water-borne electrical insulation paint and various other sectors.

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