​Waterborne insulating paint will be the development direction of insulating paint industry in the future


Waterborne insulating paint will be the development direction of insulating paint industry in the future
In the future, water-based insulating paint will be the development direction of the insulating paint industry. Insulating paint is a special paint in the paint category. Water soluble insulating paint is different from oil based insulating paint and has the characteristics of low viscosity and high solid content in line with the industry development direction. At present, water-based insulating paint has been widely used in electric tools, water pumps, garden motors, small generators, ballasts, small transformers and other industries. As an environment-friendly coating, waterborne insulating paint has become the direction of industry application and development due to its low pollution, low emission, safe and convenient use, and is favored by motor and electrical appliance manufacturers. For the coating industry, the era of using water-based paint has come, and the change of the era of water-based insulating paint and oily paint is an inevitable event. Whether it is national policy or people's demand, the wide application of water-based paint is an inevitable trend in the development of the times.

The domestic coatings are developing towards water-based paint, but the traditional oily paint enterprises still exist greatly. The times are progressing. If you want to continue to develop, you must follow the development trend. In addition to the research and development of water-based paint, you should not forget the production of oily paint. For oily paint, there are many problems. In recent years, oily paint has brought great trouble to paint workers. It can be seen that mercury, benzene, lead and other harmful substances have brought health problems to people and polluted the environment. Now the frequent occurrence of haze can be summed up as the disaster caused by paint, so environmental protection and health are the most important aspects of people. Compared with the difficult situation of oil paint, water-based paint is a strong rise. For example, water-based insulating paint is a functional paint with excellent insulation, good processability, and good operability. What is important is environmental protection, non-toxic and harmless. There are also water-based paints that use water instead of solvent in the production process, which will reduce the volatilization of harmful gases in the production process. This will be a very popular product in all fields, while oily paints are a world apart.

Although it is a kind of insulating paint with greater tolerance, there are still some precautions during transportation, storage and use. Due to the influence of temperature, pay attention to antifreeze in winter, the temperature shall not be lower than 0 ℃ during transportation, and it shall be stored in a warm room in the north. In summer, it should be stored in a ventilated and cool place to avoid direct exposure to the sun, or in a high temperature state for a long time. The temperature is generally kept below 35 ℃, and the storage period is generally about 6 months.

With the continuous development of insulating paint industry, water-soluble insulating paint, as an environment-friendly coating, has been widely used in electric tools, water pumps, forestry motors, small generators, ballasts, small transformers and other industries. Besides, water-soluble insulating paint has low pollution, low emissions, convenient and simple use, and is more suitable for the direction of social development of the industry.

Water soluble insulating paint that is not dried may lead to electric leakage or even burning, so it must be completely dried to achieve the purpose of insulation. During use, the following precautions must be strictly observed:
(1) The amount of water added shall not exceed 25% of the paint weight, subject to the recommended amount in practice. Generally, the larger the motor is, the greater the viscosity of the paint is required.

(2) It is necessary to clear the air outlet of the baking container to facilitate the timely discharge of water vapor and accelerate the curing of the paint film.

(3) In practice, it is necessary to keep the baking temperature above 120 ℃. The larger the motor is, the longer the baking time will be; When the baking temperature is improved, the baking time can be appropriately shortened; When the baking temperature is lowered, it is necessary to extend the baking time. Vacuum drying tank shall be kept warm for more than 4 hours.

(4) If the baking time is too long or the temperature is too high, the bushing may turn yellow or even black, but the excellent flexibility will not affect the insulation quality. Acrylic casing is recommended.

(5) Drying inspection: it is necessary to test the withstand voltage and insulation resistance of the workpieces after they are discharged from the furnace, and the statement of reaching the factory index request has been dried. If the factory request cannot be reached, the baking temperature shall be improved or the baking time shall be extended.

(6) Water soluble insulating paint cannot be mixed with other types of insulating paint, otherwise it may become milky white or even deposit.

Although the safety performance of water-soluble insulating paint is high, we should pay attention to some details in the actual use process and treat each link strictly.

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