Seeing you at the 27th China International Adhesives and Sealants Exhibition in 2024!


Seeing you at the 27th China International Adhesives and Sealants Exhibition in 2024!

The 26th China International Adhesives and Sealants Exhibition concluded on September 6, 2023, at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Guangzhou Green New Materials Co., Ltd. has been deeply immersed in the epoxy field for many years, displaying a strong commitment to the adhesive industry. As an exhibitor at this prestigious event, we tailored information solutions and were honored to participate.


During the exhibition, we not only discovered numerous potential customers but also strengthened our existing partnerships. Interacting with experts and leaders in the adhesive industry provided us with valuable insights and a deeper understanding of the industry. These interactions have laid the foundation for us to better serve the adhesive industry in the future.

Our main showcased products at the exhibition included:Polythiol (GL-1800): This thiol series product is a colorless and transparent liquid, serving as a Sanguan polyether polyol that can effectively replace GPM800 CAPCURE3800 QE-340M. By adding a catalyst and mixing it with epoxy resin, it achieves rapid gel solidification at room temperature.Modified polythiol curing agent series (GL-1805 GL-S805 GL-1810 GL-S807 GL-1810 GL-1830): These modified polythiol products, when mixed with epoxy resin, allow for low-temperature and thin-coating applications. They can cure within 5-30 minutes, making them suitable for quick repairs, winter work, and low-temperature operations. This series offers various cost-effective options.Polymercaptan series (GL-1405 GL-1504 GL-1301): Polymercaptans find extensive use as curing agents in various epoxy resin adhesives and coatings. They also enhance UV resin by improving transparency, refractive index, impact resistance, dyeability, processability, and curing speed. They can be used for producing optically transparent materials.Additionally, our exhibition hall showcased single-component water-based epoxy adhesives and water-based epoxy self-adhesive products, attracting the attention of both domestic and international customers.

Our participation in the exhibition was driven by the desire to broaden our horizons, gain new insights, and foster collaboration. We seized this opportunity to engage in fruitful discussions, communicate our offerings, and negotiate with domestic and international customers and dealers who visited our booth.




Throughout the three-day exhibition, our booth garnered significant interest from attendees. Our dedicated staff engaged with visitors enthusiastically and patiently, effectively highlighting the features and advantages of our products. Guangzhou Green New Materials is committed to providing professional and efficient information solutions for the adhesive industry with a mature and professional approach. We look forward to contributing to the prosperity of the adhesive industry and eagerly anticipate seeing you at the 27th China International Adhesives and Sealants Exhibition in 2024!

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