The function of waterborne insulating paint in electrical equipment


Water-based insulating paint resin used as uv stabilizer; As a pigment, the enhancer can improve the mechanical properties of the material, increase the opacity of the material, reduce the cost, and change the electrical and thermal conductivity of the material. Before curing, it is liquid and liquid. The viscosity of glue varies with the material, properties and manufacturing process of the product. Ordinary epoxy resin will soften or scorch at high temperatures above 100℃. Water - based insulating paint resin will not soften even at 120℃. On the contrary, with the increase of time and temperature, its performance will be better and better, and its hardness and adhesion will further improve. In the production process, the particle size of pigment carbon black is between 800 mesh and 1000 mesh. If it is too fine, the moisture absorption of carbon black increases, which is not good for storage. If the humidity is too high, use drying equipment. Because of the poor heat resistance, moisture resistance and mildew resistance of cotton fiber tube, gradually replaced by fiber tube and synthetic fiber tube. So far, water-based insulating paint resin coating pipes mostly use low-grade glass fiber, the main coatings are oil-based insulating varnish, alkyd paint, acrylic paint, silicone paint, silicone rubber and modified vinyl chloride.

Waterborne insulating paint resin is used for isolating live parts of different potentials in electrical equipment. Therefore, insulation materials should first have high insulation resistance and compressive strength, to avoid leakage, breakdown and other accidents. Second, it has good heat resistance to avoid aging due to long-term overheating; In addition, it should also have good thermal conductivity, moisture resistance and lightning resistance, high mechanical strength and convenient processing.

Precautions in construction of water-based insulating paint resin:

1, brush graphite: no matter what coating is brushed on graphite, it is necessary to brush the metal transition layer, and brush the fiber transition layer on some bad graphite.

2, water-based insulating paint resin small materials need heat insulation: the surface tension, torsion and tensile strength of small objects is large, and it is easy to fall off and crack after brushing insulation coating or other coating. When painting, try to use mesh or metal mesh in the paint. Mesh cloth is divided into glass mesh cloth, ceramic mesh cloth and cloth

3. Remove rust with a brush and remove oil with high purity alcohol.

Paint to brush on the goose, to brush the source of the paint

5, potassium ions, hydrogen ions, ethyl acetate, fluoric acid, concentrated sulfuric acid, concentrated hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, aqua regia, etc., need to make different anticorrosive coatings according to different conditions. Some coatings cannot withstand the above corrosive media or high temperature corrosion.

6, water based insulating paint resin brush coated with 800℃ high temperature anti-corrosion layer, with the extension of the coating placement time, the higher the hardness of the coating.

7. After sintering at 800℃, the coating is dense. The coating is not waterproof if it is not sintered above 800℃.

8, the curing time of inorganic coating should be 2 hours. If the curing environment is not adequate, the inorganic coating will be powdered after 2 hours.

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