Key points of knowledge of insulating paint


Insulating paint, commonly known as: Where li water (self drying, baking, solvent free) insulating paint is based on polymer polymer, high temperature resistant ceramic insulating paint, the paint is divided into temperature resistance of 600℃ solvent type and 600-1700℃ water two. Coating layer can be formed on the coated surfaces with high volume resistivity, can withstand the strong electric field without breakdown of ceramic coating, the coating has high mechanical strength and good chemical stability, aging, water resistance, resistance to chemical corrosion, but also has the mechanical shock and thermal shock resistance, the coating can be in the corresponding work temperature within the continuous working.

The most fundamental is to rely on strong technological innovation ability and make full use of the relatively new scientific and technological achievements of chemistry and chemical industry, which mainly includes the following points:

1. Strictly control the ratio of raw materials in the production process to avoid the introduction of stray ions, especially alkali metal or alkaline earth metal ions.

2. Try to reduce the content of glass phase, and try to reduce the conductivity of glass phase added to improve the process performance.

3. Strictly control the introduction of iron, cobalt and other variable metal ions to avoid the generation of free ions and holes.

4. At the same time, strictly control the temperature and atmosphere in the production process, so as to avoid REDOX reaction and the emergence of electrons and holes, to prevent crystal defects caused by lattice conversion. This product has been widely used in high temperature electric furnace, induction furnace, high temperature motor, refractory device, electric motor, telecommunication equipment, high temperature equipment and other insulation. An important insulating material that can be cured into an insulating film or an insulating whole under certain conditions. It is generally composed of paint base, solvent or thinner and auxiliary materials.

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