Guangzhou Green:Application Innovation of Specialty Thiols in UV Curing and Single-Component Epoxy Adhesives


Guangzhou Green:Application Innovation of Specialty Thiols in UV Curing and Single-Component Epoxy Adhesives

UV adhesive can be used in multiple industries such as three-proofing, medical, and new energy. It offers a wide range of product types and can not only replace traditional solvent-based adhesives but also fulfill requirements that solvent-based adhesives cannot meet.

With the continuous advancement of technology and the increasing environmental awareness among the general public, the application of UV curing technology is becoming more prevalent in various surface coatings, such as wood floor coatings, printing varnishes, plastic coatings, metal coatings, paper coatings, and fiber coatings.

Since the 1990s, industries including communication, computers, microelectronics, printing, and decoration have experienced rapid development, leading to a widespread application of UV curing materials and a significant increase in demand.

The advantages of UV curing adhesives include cost reduction by eliminating mixing errors and the need for instruments or mixers in two-component systems. They also provide environmental benefits as UV adhesives are solvent-free, reducing or eliminating volatile organic compounds (VOCs). UV adhesives developed with novel formulations exhibit improved physical properties such as high gloss, hardness, and scratch resistance. Furthermore, they contribute to energy savings in the face of rising fuel costs.

UV light sources emit different wavelengths, bringing flexibility to industrial curing applications and maximizing curing efficiency. Many electronic industry processing products now use UV curing adhesives due to their technological advantages, meeting modern processing and production requirements for energy conservation and environmental protection. Moreover, the price of UV adhesives is no longer high.

UV curing technology, as a new and advanced surface treatment technique, is increasingly being applied due to its efficiency, environmental friendliness, and energy-saving characteristics. In recent years, various new products have been developed using new technologies to overcome the drawbacks of UV curing technology, leading to significant progress in UV curing techniques and products.

GL-1405, a thiol-based product from Guangzhou Green New Materials Co., Ltd., is a colorless and transparent liquid with low viscosity at room temperature (25°C). It has a color intensity of ≤15, refractive index >1.5, and a low odor. Through appropriate formulation, it enables rapid curing of epoxy and UV systems. It can be widely used as a curing agent in various epoxy adhesive and coating applications. It can also be used for UV resin modification to improve transparency, refractive index, impact resistance, dyeability, processability, and curing speed. Additionally, it can be used for the preparation of optical transparent materials. Guangzhou Green has also introduced GL-1405W, which improves stability, and GL-1405L, which is odorless, catering to a wider range of applications.

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